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LSD Abuse

LSD is smuggled into countries via land, sea or plane and is quickly farmed out to the dealers through a complex network - and even on the internet. Clubs in particular are targeted. On the party island of Ibiza, club goers say LSD abuse is their fourth favorite drug after cannabis, ecstasy and amphetamines - enjoyed for its ability to enhance colors and sounds.

On the streets LSD is commonly referred to as "acid" and is sold in tablets, capsules and occasionally liquid form. As a liquid is absorbed onto paper sheets and these are cut into tiny squares like postage stamps or transfers and often have pictures or designs on them.

Although thought of as very much a 60's drug, LSD abuse is still very much part of the US and UK drugs scene and the common denominator is that it is young people 16-29 who are the main users. It is difficult to know how many young people have tried or use it on a regular basis because in surveys it is usually lumped with other drugs like amphetamines. But it appears the generation of the 1960�??s, which was weaned on it has grown out of it.

Drug abuse LSD, aka acid, is probably the most well known of the hallucinogens. During the 1960's psychedelic art and music was inspired by the experience of LSD users.

LSD abuse causes a disruption in the communication between nerve cells in the brain and the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin works to regulate behavioral, perception and interacts with the body's regulatory system which effects: hunger, mood, temperature, sensory perception and muscle control.

Users use LSD or other hallucinogens to see colors and images of things that are not real. They may hear sounds and feel things. LSD, discovered in 1938, can produce rapid and intense emotional changes.

Part of the drug terminology has been "bad trip" describing the sometimes frightening and disturbing sounds and images a user experiences while under the influence of LSD, or similar drugs. LSD abuse is not required to have a "bad trip", you can have a "bad trip" the first time you try it.

The experience of the user is directly related to their personality and expectations and the circumstances under which the drug is taken, making LSD rather unpredictable. Unlike many other drugs which produce almost instantaneous results, users will not realize any effect until 30-60 minutes after taking the drug. Under the influence, depending on the amount they take, users may have rapid emotional swings, feeling several different things at once. Delusions can be experienced and visual hallucinations. LSD abuse has been known to cause severe mental problems.

Senses may get distorted and confused, as the user may hear a color, or see a sound. The user might "freak out" as fear and panic set in. The emotional signs are more observable, but there are also physical signs. Dilated pupils, rapid or increased heart rate, dry mouth, loss of appetite, increased blood pressure, tremors, sweating are all common possibilities.

A high degree of tolerance to LSD abuse develops with time. This means that the user will need higher doses of LSD to achieve the same effect. This makes LSD users prone to abusing the drug and experiencing overdoses. However, the unpredictable nature of LSD does play a part in discouraging excessive use. A "bad acid trip" can be frightening and emotionally disturbing. Nevertheless users with addictive tendencies may not stop abusing drugs and just switch over to other narcotics.

LSD abuse has been associated with some cult groups, where members use the drug in different forms. The reasons for LSD use in these circumstances differ but the hallucinogenic effect is sometimes promoted as a spiritual or psychic experience to unsuspecting cult members. This may compel users to continue using LSD and with a high degree of tolerance, the drug may be used in ever increasing amounts.

Club drug pills can be easily hidden like in pez dispensers or tic tac boxes, and other candy containers, such as skittles and tootsie rolls.

Club drugs are popular to young adults because they are cheap and because of the effects that last for several hours.

'Date rape drugs' are particularly dangerous when combined with alcohol.

Some of the common street names for ecstasy are E, XTC, X, Adam, hug, beans, clarity, lover.s speed or love drug.

In 2008, 1.1% of 8th grade students reported abusing GHB at least once in that year.

GHB is abused mainly for the effects that it has, loses fat and helps build muscles with steroids.

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