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Rohypnol Rehab

It is often a very difficult undertaking choosing a Rohypnol rehab for your loved one. Here we will guide you in some of the most effective questions to ask when considering the many different types of Rohypnol rehab programs available.

Is the Rohypnol rehab facility accredited? This is not a requirement for rehabilitation facilities, but it is a good sign that your loved one will receive excellent care. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations are independent organizations, which are not affiliated with any rehab facility, and which serve as intermediaries for quality control. A Rohypnol rehab facility that is accredited has made quality care and service a priority.

Does the Rohypnol rehab specialize in complete rehabilitation? These programs provides a complete environment, from the physical set-up of the buildings and grounds, to the specialized training of nurses and doctors in the field of substance abuse rehabilitation. They not only understand the process of withdrawal and recovery, but are also trained in physical needs, such as nutrition, skin care, hygiene, eating problems, and sleeping habits. The highly trained staff at a successful Rohypnol rehab is specifically skilled in recovery from drug addiction.

Does the facility provide a variety of programs and care? Addiction is a problem that progresses with predictable stages and their accompanying needs. As the patient moves through the stages of recovery, the Rohypnol rehab must be able to offer a variety of different treatments to meet these individual needs. The staff at the facility should be able to make an informed decision as treatment progresses about the appropriate treatment, based on observation, input from the patient and the family, interaction with other patients, and indications of the ability to return to the outside world while maintaining sobriety.

Has the Rohypnol rehab demonstrated success in the specific treatment of substance abuse? This is where research is imperative, because the facility itself will always sing its own praises. When a facility tells you they have an 80% success rate, ask them how they came to that figure, and then ask to see their research. If at all possible, speak to some of the other families whose children have gone through the program. Get as much information as possible, which includes touring the facility and observing the patients and medical staff in a typical setting.

Are there adequate medical personnel accessible in case of illness, accidents, or complications? All inpatient Rohypnol rehab facilities should have on-staff medical doctors and emergency care. The facility should have an arrangement with a nearby acute care hospital in case a patient must be transferred. The facility should have a staff of multiple physicians trained in various specialties who are available for consultation and medical attention.

To what degree is the family involved in the treatment plan in the Rohypnol rehab? Drug abuse and alcoholism have a profound effect on the entire family. Sometimes, the interactions of family members may figure strongly in the substance abuse problem of the patient in the rehab facility. Family involvement is an important part of the recovery process. Find out to what extent family members are involved and in what capacity. Ask if there is a family therapy program, and if information is available for the family when the patient returns home.

What is the success rate of patients maintaining sobriety once they return home? The goal of the best Rohypnol rehab programs is to return the patient to their home with the ability to function independently in their lives. Find out what their discharge plan is and how much the family is involved in this planning. It is also important to find out what role the facility has and what action it will take if it is discovered that your loved one has had a relapse after being discharged.

How much does a Rohypnol rehab cost? Even though your loved one is in crisis, there are always financial limitations within a family. The fee is often broken down in different formats, so ask what services are included and which will be added as additional fee-for-service programs. Then find out which services your health insurance carrier will cover. Once you have this information, meet with the staff at the facility, particularly any personnel who will be handling your loved one's case exclusively, and find out which programs they believe are mandatory. Keep in mind that the success of a Rohypnol rehab program depends of the quality and extensiveness of its treatment.

Does the Rohypnol rehab offer follow-up and continuing care after your loved one has returned home? Substance abuse is a long-term problem, and recovery is a continuing process. The skills learned in the rehab facility must be transferred into everyday life. Find out if the facility offers a follow-up program, and if that program is close to where the family resides. This program should provide a professional in the field of substance abuse who will monitor and support your child's recovery.

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